Montenegro as a model for the Balkans

Mittwoch, 26.06.2002 18:30

EKH, Wielandgasse 2-4, 1100 Wien

The current situatuation in Montenegro in many regards represents the last phase of the realization of the logic that has opeated in the entire region over the last period. Analysis of the Montenegrin model therefore reveals the principles of Balkan politics with considerable clarity. Transfer of decision-making from the regional level to the global centers of power accompanied locally with the corresponding focus on national discourse has defined the period of transition. In Montenegro, this process is currently exemplified by the discussion over the so-called independence which is occluding public debate of almost any other issues of social significance.

Eine Veranstaltung von Grünalternativer Jugend (GAJ) und Ökologische Linke (ÖKOLI)