Pride parades in republics of former Yugoslavia

Mittwoch, 14.12.2011 18:30

W23, Wipplingerstr. 23, 1010 Wien

How did the government manage to ban the Pride parade in Belgrade? What are the consequences for LGBTTIQ population after the ban of both, the Pride and alternative actions? What responsibility does one take in carrying out a Pride in a country with well organized (extreme) right political forces? How much is the Pride an effective political tool in post-conflict countries and what does it take to turn Pride into continuing actions and not just something that happens once a year? We would like to talk about experience in the region: About Split, Zagreb and the different contexts of the various states in the process of transition that influenced the Pride organizations since 2000.

The presentation by activists from Belgrade provides a summary of events from 2000 to 2011. We wish to encourage open discussion and exchange of experiences.